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Department of Architecture


The Department of Architecture at Epoka University prepares students for critical engagement with practice and ensures readiness for professional responsibilities. Our Department's vision is to offer a leading Architecture program in Albania and the Balkan region. We teach sustained evaluation of principles, traditions, and requirements of building in all its aspects. Our goal is to advance the profession of architecture by combining artistic talent, technical proficiency, and social engagement in pursuit of excellence.

Our programs seek to multiply insights and abilities of students, including sensitivity to the aesthetic and social responsibilities of environmental design; the cultivation of a broad, humanistic, world view; commitment to research; respect of innovation; an advanced understanding of the culture of practice; and sophisticated graphic skills and technical vocabulary. The education of students in sustainability is a major focus of the curriculum. Our programs are interdisciplinary and taught in English.

Program Strengths

  • Unique blend of courses in architecture design and theory, building science and technology, and urban planning and design;
  • Taught in English;
  • Interdisciplinary and international;
  • Exposure to a research environment;
  • Professional internships;
  • Exchange programs abroad;
  • Possibility to pursue doctoral (Ph.D.) studies at Epoka University or abroad;
  • State-of-the-art design software and studio environment.


The Department of Architecture offers:

  • An integrated five-year program (Bachelor + Master). The first three years of the program (the undergraduate level) focus on architectural design studios. In the last two years (graduate level), students specialize in one of four profiles: (1) Architecture Design (2) Building Technology (3) Urban Planning and Design and (4) Interior Architecture and Product Design. Master of Science (MSc) in Architecture degrees are awarded to graduates [Master Shkencor].Download the course descriptions.
  • A Professional Master of Architecture program. This program is designed for professionals who already have work experience beyond their undergraduate studies. For more information on this program click here.
  • Soon, the Department will start offering a PhD program in architecture, with the same profiles as the intergrated program described above.

Architecture Design Profile

The Architecture Design Profile centers on the production of buildings that are useful, durable, meaningful, and responsive to their physical and social contexts. Our Department offers a curriculum focused on architectural coursework, design studios, professional practice, and a final diploma project. It teaches understanding of social, technical, and aesthetic content of the build environment; the skill to make or modify it; and the judgment to assess the value of changes. Our Department encourages students to acquire a purist "sense of style" and conceive of architecture as an expression of the values, aspirations, and character of the society that produces it. Our philosophy is that the architect must have a broad understanding of the culture and times in which she or he works and be an influence in social progress.

Building Technology Profile

The Building Technology Profile targets students who wish to deepen their knowledge of building performance, sustainable design, design computing, and rapid prototyping. Significant social, economic, and environmental changes are causing a growing demand for high-performance and sustainable buildings, which are more energy efficient and responsive to occupant needs. Due to advancements in science and technology, such buildings are increasingly diverse in function and shape. Students in our program learn how to apply scientific methods and state-of-the-art technologies to address the multifaceted challenges posed by new professional demands.

Urban Planning and Design Profile

Urban planners and designers are dedicated to developing innovative approaches to managing cities and planning their development. Planners' concerns include: land use, social policy, historic preservation, transportation, housing, economic development, public policy planning, environmental protection, urban design, and international development. Planners are visionaries working for a better future through improvements in the quality of life in one or more of these areas. Planning is growing in importance throughout Albania. Our Urban Planning and Design Profile trains professionals for spatially-based system approaches with a focus on "livability" and "place-making". Our curriculum reflects a comprehensive approach to the social, physical, economic, environmental, political, health and legal aspects of the study and planning of communities from local, regional, and global perspectives.

Interior Architecture and Product Design Profile

The Interior Design Profile prepares students to work on the interior spaces of buildings, emphasizing the physical, psychological, and social needs of people at work and leisure. Our curriculum is balanced between theory courses, studios, and internship experiences. Students are taught to understand a client's interactions within society and be capable of translating this understanding into appropriate and inspiring design for interior environments. Each level of the student's education engages knowledge and skills in problem discovery and resolution, critical and imaginative thinking, verbal and visual communication, and appropriate technologies.

Advancement Opportunities / Career Prospects

Exchange programs with several universities in other countries give our students a chance to study in a different environment for a semester or more. The Department's academic ties serve as a bridge for students interested in enrolling in M.A. or Ph.D. programs in universities abroad. Each year several students receive scholarships from U.S. and European universities for graduate studies. Our graduates are well-prepared to pursue careers in consulting firms, industry, research, non-profit organizations, and academic institutions.

Professional Internships

The Department of Architecture requires students to complete at least one summer internship, for which they receive credit. To help place students in firms for their practice, we have entered in agreements with architecture studios in Albania and abroad.


All our faculty members have received training in from distinguished universities in Albania and abroad. They are in constant interaction with colleagues and institutions in many countries of the world, through exchange programs, workshops, and joint projects.


General Coordinator: Edmond Manahasa, MArch
1st Year Advisor: Desantila Hysa, MArch
2nd Year Advisor: Valbona Koci, MArch
3rd Year Advisor: Artan Hysa, MArch / Egin Zeka, MSc
4th Year Advisor: Anna Yunitsyna, MArch
5th Year Advisor: Odeta Manahasa, MArch
Bachelor studies coordinator: Artan Hysa, MArch
Master studies coordinator: Dorina Pojani, PhD

Admission Requirements

The programs have a strong interdisciplinary character and are open to candidates with a variety of backgrounds and interests. Candidates are eligible to apply, who are proficient in English, and have above average Grade Point Average. Drawing skills are desirable but not required. International students are encouraged to apply. To learn more about the application procedure, admission requirements, and financial aid, visit Epoka's Registrar menu or Admissions menu.


Mr. Tekim Peza (tpeza@epoka.edu.al) Department Secretary

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