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Highlights of the Kick-Off Meeting of the International Advisory Board of EPOKA University
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EPOKA University organized the Kick-Off Meeting of the International Advisory Board (IAB) from April 29 to May 01, 2024. 


The International Advisory Board, comprising Mr. David LOCK – Secretary General, Magna Charta Observatory, Italy, Prof. Dr. Michael MURPHY - Past President of European University Association, Professor Emeritus, University College Cork, Ireland, Prof. Dr. Arben MERKOÇI - Research Professor, ICREA and Group Leader of Nanobioelectronics & Biosensors Group, Institut Català de Nanotecnologia, Spain and Prof. Dr. Florian J. SCHWEIGERT - President´s Commissioner for the Turkish-German University, Vice-President of the Consortium of the Turkish-German University, Past Vice-President of the University of Potsdam CEO of BioAnalyt GmbH.


The Board was welcomed by a delegation from EPOKA University, led by the esteemed Rector, Professor Ahmet Öztaş, in his office. Rector Öztaş expressed his appreciation to the members of the International Advisory Board for having accepted the invitation. On the other hand, the members of the Board expressed great enthusiasm regarding the meetings and activities to be carried out in the framework of the Kick-Off Meeting.


The Advisory Board had the opportunity to engage in a highly productive discussion with Mr. Peter Bastiaan Gosen Bronkhorst, the shareholder representative, focusing on academia, universities, and education.


During April 29 – 30, 2024, the members of the International Advisory Board held a series of meetings with academic and administrative units, as well as students and class representatives of EPOKA University. These units presented themselves and the work they did at EPOKA, and afterwords listened to the feedback and suggestions of the members of IAB, who took great interest into the presentations of the units and directed many questions in order to have a more complete understanding of them. This will enable them to prepare a more detailed report, which they will submit in the following weeks. Among the attendees at the meeting were representatives from the Stakeholder Forum of the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Science, enriching the discussions with their valuable insights and perspectives.


Another crucial meeting was that with the Academy of Sciences of Albania, where the Chair of the Academy, Academic Skënder Gjinushi hosted the members of the IAB together with the Rector, Prof. Dr. Ahmet Öztaş, and the Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs, Dr. Niuton Mulleti.


Academic Skënder Gjinushi congratulated the Rector for the initiative of establishing the IAB as part of the internationalization strategy of the university, which in turn is part of a larger internationalization strategy initiated by the Ministry of Education and Sports. 


The members of IAB listened to the presentation of the representatives of the Academy of Sciences, and then gave their feedback and at the same time asked questions on how to improve the relations between EPOKA and the Academy, based on their extensive experience.


On the third day of their visit, the members of the IAB took a trip to the city of Berat, where they were accompanied by the Head of the Department of Architecture, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Edmond Manahasa, who provided them with detailed explanations about the history and culture of this ancient city. 


This meeting served as a significant milestone for EPOKA University, elevating its global presence and academic standards, guiding the university towards even greater success on the global stage.






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