calendar April 30, 2024
Students and Universities: Making Both Better for Albania and the World
event EPOKA DOS students

Last week, EPOKA University organized an informative session titled "Students and Universities: Making Both Better for Albania and the World," where professor David J Lock "Secretary General at Magna Charta Observatory" participated. This activity provided a platform for students to engage in a dialogue exploring the complex relationship between students and universities, and their collective impact on Albania and the global community.

During the discussion, participants talked about their contributions to addressing specific challenges for Albania and global issues. The conversation emphasized the importance of universities as catalysts for social progress, especially amidst the transformative forces of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR).

The point of the discussion was the fundamental values outlined in the Magna Charta Universitatum (MCU) of 2020, which serve as guiding principles for academic institutions worldwide. Students also discussed the strategic vision outlined in the Magna Charta Observatory (MCO) Strategy for the period 2025 - 2030, highlighting institutional goals and broader aspirations.

Students also raised key questions, discussing strategies to improve the university experience, promoting initiatives that encourage innovation, inclusivity, and empowering students. Additionally, they provided valuable feedback on how EPOKA University can further enrich its value proposition, ensuring it remains responsive to the diverse needs of the student body.

By promoting a culture of dialogue, innovation, and shared responsibility, EPOKA University and its students are in a position to make significant contributions to Albania and the world, driving progress and prosperity for future generations.

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