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Visit to Odisee University of Applied Sciences in Belgium
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On May 27-28, 2024, Prof. Dr. Ahmet Öztaş, Rector, Dr. Heliona Miço (Bellani), lecturer of Public and Constitutional Law at the Department of Law, and Dr. Alba Gerdeci, Head of International Relations Office and lecturer at the Department of Law at EPOKA University visited Odisee University of Applied Sciences in Brussels, Belgium.


This visit was an important follow-up to the joint European University Alliance application on Diversity, Inclusion, Equity, and Migration DIEM and an Erasmus+ mobility project application submitted in February 2024. If funded by the European Commission, the Alliance will support the 6 partners (Diaconia University of Applied Sciences - Finland, Leiden University of Applied Sciences- Netherlands, Odisee University of Applied Sciences -Belgium, University of East Sarajevo - Bosnia & Herzegovina, University of Western Macedonia - Greece, and EPOKA University, Albania) to work together in the next ten years.

The DIEM European University Alliance will be built on the pillars of the EU and especially on the pillar of ‘social rights’ by the partner institutions that have both the expertise and the aspiration to become role models on Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Migration. Partner institutions, including Odisee and EPOKA University, will unite to synergize research, policies, administration, and education efforts.

This visit was marked by a series of presentations on the education system in Flanders and Albania, on internationalization policies, research and project development, student and staff exchanges, study program offerings, and the research and education portfolio of social work and services. The presentations were informative and highly engaging, sparking discussions among the attendees and setting the stage for future collaborative endeavors. During the visit the delegation met also with Albanian students studying at Odisee.

The visit has paved the way for numerous opportunities for further collaboration between EPOKA and Odisee. Both institutions stand to benefit immensely from this partnership, leveraging each other’s strengths to advance knowledge and innovation. The visit by Prof. Öztaş, Dr. Miço, and Dr. Gerdeci has undoubtedly strengthened the bonds between the institutions, promising a fruitful and enduring academic relationship.

Acknowledgments go to all the colleagues at Odisee for their meticulous planning of the visit, detailed presentations, and encouraging discussions. Special thanks are extended to Ms. Ann Vereth, General Manager of Odisee, for the kind invitation and engaging discussions and Ms. Marlou Kummu, advisor on international projects, for the excellent organization of the visit.

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