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EPOKA University hosted an open lecture on Generative AI in Higher Education
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On May 29, 2024, EPOKA University hosted an Open Lecture, focusing on the transformative impact of generative AI in higher education. The lecture was delivered by Prof. Dr. Eric Schoop from TU Dresden, who highlighted the integration of AI technologies to enhance educational methodologies and foster 21st-century skills among students. Prof. Schoop emphasized the importance of leveraging social software and innovative learning assessments to develop self and social competencies in students through realistic case studies and collaborative tasks.

A significant portion of the lecture was dedicated to discussing the Virtual Tutor, an AI-driven conversational agent embedded within Microsoft Teams. This tool supports both educators and students by providing natural language interfaces for learning analytics, offering automated feedback, and facilitating self-reflection on collaborative activities. Prof. Schoop also introduced the concept of Learning Companions (LCs), advanced versions of Virtual Tutors designed to create long-term, socially bonding relationships with learners. These companions aim to enhance the educational experience by generating social and hedonic value through regular interactions and personalized feedback.

The lecture concluded with a discussion on future developments in AI-driven education, particularly through the ongoing Erasmus+ COWEB project, where partners are exploring the use of tools like PowerBI and Copilot for learning analytics, aiming to further refine the integration of AI in educational settings.

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