calendar January 23, 2023
Let us get CLOUD, an info session organized by Raiffeisen Bank

On January 23, the Career Planning and Alumni Office, in collaboration with Raiffeisen Bank, organized an Info Session for EPOKA students in the context of the CLOUD event.

This event will take place on February 23-24, an excellent opportunity to learn about Cloud and be part of a game where winners will be selected.

This session was introduced by the representatives of the IT Department and Innovation of the Raiffeisen Bank, which explained the application details of the event and its benefits of it below:

1. Learn AWS for free

2. Get expert advice

3. Foster collaborative problem-solving

4. Get monetary prizes (1500 €, 1000 € and 500 €)

5. Get exposure to the potential future employees

6. Get certificates

The students of the Programming Club and Google Developer Students Club offered great support for the event.

We want to thank the representatives of the Raiffeisen Bank for their valuable information and time at EPOKA University.

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