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Shape the future of Decision-Making through Economics and Data Science
Economics data science training CEC Decision Making

EPOKA University, in collaboration with the Continuous Education Center is excited to announce a comprehensive training program focused on Managerial Decision-Making using Economics and Data Science. The training is devoted to a detailed study of individual research themes on assigned theoretical and applied business problems/cases using the application of economics and analyses of decision science to examine how a company achieves its #strategic #objectives most effectively.


Venue: Upon request, on-site/flexible scheduling

Duration: 16 hours

Trainer: Prof. Dr. Güngör Turan, EPOKA University.


Who Should Attend:

This training is ideal for #managers, #executives, #entrepreneurs, and #professionals from diverse industries who seek to enhance their decision-making skills using methodologies in economics and data science.


Secure your spot now by contacting the Director the Continuous Education Center, Dr. Armando Demaj via 


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